The Club

The Club is a story composed of a series of posts from each member of Magic Pens who would like to participate. Each post is written in first person from your point of view mainly as you are now, except that there will be one fantastical trait about you. (For example, you may be a vampire, may have the ability to turn into liquid by choice, etc.) There will be one main storyline which will try to tie everyone in together, which will cause many different points of view on one situation. You are not able to rewrite what another person does in the story, however, but you can interpret what they do and make it influence what happens in your part.

The Club 2007-2008

-Participating Members

The Club 2006-2007



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  1. […] Gifford has posted the plotline followed by his first chapter, which have been transferred over t0 The Club page on the Magic Pens Website. After asking each person at the meeting if they were going to join The […]

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