We don’t want Magic Pens to feel too much like school where you are graded and have a list of rules to keep up with, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Severely breaking any of these rules can result in your blog being deleted and you being removed from the club. Basically you don’t have to worry…Just don’t be stupid. 😉


-When commenting, use your real name or an easily recognizable nickname.

-Keep the blog school-appropriate.

-No “flamming” (being rude or mean to, making fun of, etc.) real people.

-Although you can write an occasional journal entry or a post on your thoughts, do not only use your blog as an actual journal with a journal entry for each day and such. Do some creative writing also.

-You do have the power to delete and edit comments on your blog, but please only do so if the comment is very disrespectful, otherwise, let others keep their voices.

-You are allowed to post assignments for classes such as English, but Mr. Gifford will not “grade” it like your teacher will. Expect normal comments on any school assingment that you post.

-You are allowed to write poetry in this club, and as Shaundra says, “Poetry can be critiqued!”

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