Object of the Month

Try to include this object into anything that you post this month. If you take up the challenge, please bold or underline the word where you use it, and leave a comment so I can add your post to the list. I will add a new object each month, but you can still use one from a past month and add yourself to the list. Don’t forget to try out Picture of the Month and Word of the Month also! You can even participate in more than one using one post!

Object of May 2008

tome – a book, especially a very heavy, large, or learned book / a volume forming a part of a larger work

Objects of Past Months

-Object of April 2008 – bibliomaniac – a person who has an excessive fondness for acquiring and possessing books
-Object of March 2008 – water bottle – a bottle for holding water
-Object of February 2008 – miscreant: a scoundrel, villain, heretic

-Object of January: deity – a god or goddess
-Object of December 2007: salute – to raise the open right hand to the right side of the forehead as a gesture of honor and respect
-Object of November 2007: harmonica – a small musical instrument that has a rectangular metal case with a row of slots outside and reeds inside, it is held in the hands and played by blowing in and out of the slots to make the reeds vibrate
-Object of October 2007: foliage – leafage, plant leaves
-Object of September 2007: rumple – wrinkle

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