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December 2, 2010

-There’s been talk of reviving Magic Pens…Anyone interested?
Noelle Brooks
Matt Wilson
Jordan Bateman
Hannah Boudreau
Shaundra Ray

-Please continue to stop by here every now and then for updates or just to poke around some blogs. Some people are still writing from time to time…
-The Blogs page only includes working blogs.

4 Responses to “Magic Pens News”

  1. HEY!!! i have my own blog now: Just 1 Jared
    I have one story and so lets see if i write another one!!!


  2. you can click on the little jared down there to go to me blog.

    this one

  3. I created a new blog for myself to use in the club. Go ahead and click my name below.

  4. Is everyone creating themselves a new blog?? *confused*

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